CPU(Central Processing Unit) vs GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) vs TPU(Tensor Processing Unit)

       As CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain and main part of the computer. It performs all the basic functions of the computer. CPU is the most common processing unit that is used everywhere in not only computers but other computing devices also.

       But on the other hand, GPU( graphics processing unit) is much faster than CPU that works in parallel operations. They are very fast in graphics related work. For example, Image processing, Drawing geometry on screen and other graphical operations perform quickly.

      The third one most famous processing unit is TPU (Tensor processing unit) is much faster and works efficiently. It is mostly designed for the Artificial intelligence field and used in supercomputers. They are very expensive and produced in a limited number. They are designed to do some single task in supercomputers.

Performance (CPU vs GPU vs TPU):

            As we can estimate that CPU is much initial form of a chip in comparison to GPU and TPU. CPU is slower than other both.
It has the ability to perform tens of operations as per cycle.
It has the ability to operate 1 Data Unit X 1 Data Unit at one time.

          On the other hand, GPU can perform tens of thousands of operations at a single time. It is much and much faster and reliable than the CPU. Because it can operate 1 Data Unit X N Data Units per cycle.

         TPU is the most complex chip for computers. It can manage Thousands of thousand operations at one cycle. Its performance and speed are much higher than the other both. This is because it can operate N data units X N data units in one cycle.

Working ( CPU VS GPU VS TPU):

CPU (central Processing Unit):

         The CPU ( central processing unit) is the most common processing unit also called the microprocessor, processor, or chip. It can solve all general and common computer problems with the help of registers, memory, cache, buses, ALU (Algorithm logic Unit), and CU(Control Unit). A CPU is present in almost all common computers and available at cheap prices in the market. It has two main components. One is ALU that performs all the arithmetic and logical problems. And the other is CU that controls all the operations, fetch instructions, and manages to solve them. Memory, buses, registers, and cache memories work side by side with CPU. CPU is placed on the motherboard in every computer in a square box.

        The efficiency and speed of the processing unit are based on the number of cores it has. CPU usually consists of a limited number of cores up to 24. They used these cores for solving problems in a series of ways. It focuses on a single task or fewer tasks at one time and tries to perform it in the best way.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

          A GPU( Graphics Processing Unit) is faster and costly than a CPU. It renders images and graphics so quickly. Firstly, It was used only for image rendering in 1999 and then used for running smooth graphics for advanced level games and videos(movies, serials, pictures).

         After that, it became capable of solving simple mathematical operations and other simpler tasks that the CPU can do. But its speed and efficiency were much faster than the CPU.

         A GPU can perform tasks in a parallel way as it consists of thousands of cores. GPU uses these cores and has the capacity to perform multiple tasks as per cycle.


       The graphics of videos and games consist of polygonal coordinated. These polygonal coordinates are converted to bitmaps and further converted to signals that show us graphics on the screen. The whole process is called rendering. Gpu was used for rendering images and solving complex problems in a short time. That made its use in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

      So, the GPU is used to increased the efficiency and proficiency of computers and mostly attached to graphics cards. A graphics card is usually confused by people with GPU. Although both are different. A graphic card may contain one or more than one GPUs integrated into it with other circuits. Mostly these days computers use GPUs attached with graphics cards with CPU side by side to increase the performance of the system.

TPU (Tensor Processing Unit):

      TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) is the most advanced form of a processing unit. It is used on a commercial base( in supercomputers and heavy machines).

      These are specially designed for machine learning and artificial intelligence software. Initially, It was developed by Google in 2017. With the help of TPUs, Google enhanced its machine learning mechanism and neural networks. Furthermore, after a few time, Google provides it in the market and make it open for commercial use.

      TPUs works in such a complex way. As they are used in super machines and computers so they can do some extraordinary and some specific tasks. 
They make decisions and actions by themselves by making the complex structures of artificial neurons.



           A CPU is a general base microprocessor that is present in all common computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other machines that work like computers such as Oven, washing machine, etc. It can do all common tasks by using operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc


         GPU is mainly used for running better graphics. Nowadays it is very common everywhere and used in common machines. Anciently, It was used for running heavy video games and rendering other media (photos, movies, songs, etc). But with time it becomes able to add, multiply, divide, and other tasks more efficiently and quickly than CPU.


         TPU is a special processing unit that was built by GOOGLE and now it is used in many of the Google services. I.E it is used in Google Maps, Google search engine, Google Images, Gmail, and many others. It is an artificial neural-based chip that works efficiently to collect and manage a huge amount of data in machine learning and deep learning. It is not available for common people. As it is only purchasable for commercial use. Many TPUs are used together to make a supercomputer that does some bigger tasks.


In this tutorial, we studied the comparison between CPU (Central Processing Unit) Vs GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Vs TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). We read their definitions, workings, usage, and basic differences. I hope that you read the article carefully and understand the major key points about CPU, GPU, and TPU. If you want to share your knowledge with us or found any mistake then mention it in the comments section or contact us. Your Response will be appreciated.

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