Download FreeCam Software 2021 For Video Screen Recording | Win 8,7,10

    Everyone in these days of corona and tough quarantine, looking for some online work. Screen recording is very common to need to do online tasks. Some people want to record online lectures for youtube earning and some for their institutes. All these needs require laptop screen recording software. For this purpose, I will tell you about downloading Free Cam software that is a free and simple screen recording software for laptops.

Start New Video Recording

      This screen recording software is very simple and easy to use. Just you need to download this software file that is very lighter in weight. Then after installing this software, start recording a video with your screen. The countdown of 3, 2, 1 will start and you will start recording the video immediately. Click on ESC after you finish your video.

    You can also set settings according to your desire. For voice recording in the video, you can select either the device’s default microphone or another microphone. You can also set buttons to stop, resume, and start the video according to your desire. 

    We can select the area of the screen to be recorded according to our wish. Free Cam also allows us to select a desired area of the screen as well as a full window to record.

Record Unlimited Video Recording on Freecam

Edit You Recording After Finish

    When you start recording the video, a countdown of three, two, and one will occur. You will be able to record your voice as well as the screen after that. When you completed your lecture or video. You have to press the ESC button to finish the video. Then a new window open where you can either save your video or edit it. When you click on edit, you can see many options upside to edit your recording, Here you can delete a selected portion of the video which you don’t like. After saving the video, you can directly upload it to youtube. 

Editing Video on FreeCam

Remove Noise From Video

     The biggest advantage of Free Cam software to download I can see is its feature of removing noise. Noise is a big issue in screen recordings every time. That not only damage the quality of the lecture and disturb the attention of viewers, but also annoys them.

    In Free Cam, you have to select an area where you find only the noise sound and not have the actual sound of the video. After selecting the clip you have to click on remove noise. And it will remove all the noise from the background of the full video. This makes our video beautiful and clear even without some external best microphone.

Remove Noise with freecam

Features Of Free Cam Software

     There are many features and characteristics of freedom that force you to download this software for download.

  •      Free Cam is totally free video recording software to download in 2021 with the best features.
  •      Very easy and simple to use.
  •      Use to record laptop screen for an unlimited time.
  •      It is a lighter weight software that is easy to download.
  •      We can record the video screen as well as also edit the video.
  •      Removing noise is a very excellent feature of this software.
  •      Free Cam is allowing to upload to youtube directly.
  •      It is a totally free software with no paid version or offers.     


Other Video Recording Softwares:

     I personally recommend you to use Free Cam as your software, as i discussed the features and pros of this software. Many other complexes and paid screen recording software are also present in the market. You can also try out this software also.

  •   Open Broadcaster Software or OBS
  •   Camtasia
  •   Bandicam
  •   Ice Cream Screen Recorder
  •   Screencast-O-Metic
  •   Flashback Express.
  •   Window 10 built-in Game recorder
  •   Ice Thinker
  •   Screen Flow
  •   Filmora
  •   screencastify

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