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     Everyone is enthusiastic about playing games these days. From children to people of every age are fond of playing games. Some people use mobile phones to play these amazing games, on the other hand, some people find the laptop more comfortable for them to play games. There are many emulators that help the pc to download, install, and play games like Pubg(Player Unknown Battle Ground), Freefire, Call of duty, and many more. In this article, I will tell you how to download the game loop for PubG. 

   Playing games is not a bad habit. Although many people and most parents think it to be a bad thing for children, on the other hand, it also teaches strategy, planning, and teamwork to children. But on the other by somehow it also affects the health of the children. We should use the inner way to play games, we should play in spare time. Playing games all day is too bad and dangerous for our generation. That is why completing homework for school, playing outdoor games with friends, spending time with the parents, and watching television news are also important in life. 

Download Gameloop Amulator:

      Gameloop is a famous emulator that was previously known as Tencent’s gaming buddy. It is very famous for gaming on computers and laptops of mobile-based games. People on a high amount download game loop in the laptop to play many famous games like players battle unknown (PubG), clash of clans, call of duty, free-fire, subway surfers, and many more.

GameLoop Installation:

     There are many emulators on the web, that can be used as a modem to play mobile games on computers, and laptop. But the benefit we can get in the case of Gameloop is that it is lighter in weight that can easily be downloaded. After downloading the setup, we can install it. That took a little time about 5 to 10 minutes.

Install Games On GameLoop:

    After downloading the setup of Gameloop, and installing it, now the Gameloop is ready to install and play games. It has a dark preview that looks amazing to the eyes. Here you can see many games under the games section. Some other downloads also will run after the installation of the Gameloop.

  GameLoop and Tencent Gaming Buddy are the same software. Tencent Gaming Buddy was modified and changed to Gameloop in 2018. Then it becomes the official downloader of PubG game for pc. But there are hundreds of famous games available on the Gameloop to play on PC. 

Download PubG From GameLoop:

      As we all know that the game that was invented in 2018, now becomes the most played game all over the world. People from all over the world and from every gender to every age are found of playing players unknown battles ground PubG. The reason is that it is so addictive. Basically, it is a war game, in which a group of 4 players fought together as a team. This team can hear each other and play together. One player may help the other if he was injured. The mission is to kill the enemies. After the victory, the team got chicken dinner as a reward. 

     PubG becomes so addictive to people of every age, that’s why many people also find it more comfortable to play on laptops and computers. To download the PubG game on a laptop, we need a basic requirement of 2Gb of RAM, and a minimum of 30Gb of storage. PubG requires a good and stable internet connection with a 64-bit operating system of window 7, 8.1, or 10. If your system can fulfill these basic needs to play games, then you can enjoy PubG on your laptop. 

    Many other games like call of duty, subway surfers, and free-fire are also available on the GameLoop. If your system has all the minimum requirements of PubG, then you can download and play any other game also.

Other Emulators To Download:

    There are a vast number of emulators that are available on the internet, that are used to play games on computers. These emulators are just the software that is used as a bridge between the computer window and android based games. They are used to play mobile games on the PC. Although in my opinion, GameLoop is the best emulator to download, but there are also many others that can be downloaded. These are the following:

  • NoxPlayer
  • PCSX2
  • Dolphin
  • Mame
  • Nestopia
  • Project64
  • iDeaS
  • NeonDs
  • UAE
  • Bleem
  • QEMU
  • Yuzu
  • Hoxs64
  • PearPc
  • Vmac
  • Vice



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