What is Black-Hat SEO Or Negative SEO? How to Prevent Negative SEO Attack?

           SEO( search engine optimization) is the way to rank your website on top of search engines and it has its three common types One is White-Hat SEO, the other is Grey-Hat SEO, and last is Black-Hat SEO. In today’s era, only white-Hat SEO is allowed by search engines to rank your website. Some people may use Black-Hat SEO or negative SEO techniques to de-rank your website. Through Black-Hat SEO one may remove your website from Search engine. So, I write this article to help people to stop such activities and prevent negative SEO attempts. 

          Every search engine has its mechanism to rank millions of websites by keeping in many factors. SEO is divided into three categories, first is on-page SEO that includes the page mata title, mata description, headings, content, Inbound and Outbound links, URLs and, images optimization with your golden keywords, etc.

          Another part of SEO is Off-page SEO that includes link building or backlinks. Backlinks are the links of pages of your websites on other websites of the same niche and good quality.

          The last part of SEO is Technical SEO, which includes HTML validation and other coding issues.
          SEO is the way to improve your website performance and trying to rank it on top. But you also have thousands of websites against you. All these sites will try to get the top positions from you. The whole web is in an SEO war. SO many people use the dark side of SEO against others to defeat them. That negative side of SEO is called Negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO/Black-Hat SEO :

        Negative SEO or black-hat SEO is the way to gain traffic on your site by illegal ways. People use Black-Hat SEO to destroy other people’s rank. Negative SEO is just the opposite of positive SEO techniques. In Negative SEO instead of improving the performance of their own websites, One will try to damage the reputation of the competitor’s website. This may affect the ranking of the victim’s website, or also can remove the website from the search engine.

      The negative SEO can be done by 

  • Making thousands of backlinks of gutter quality or from bad impression websites.
  • Creating fake reviews and giving bad impressions about your business.
  • Sending fake link removal requests to search engines.
  • Hacking of the site or hacking attempts on your website.

       All these attempts are part of negative SEO. It is a completely illegal and immoral act. If you notice any of these activities you must try to overcome these difficulties.

How Negative SEO Starts:

           In the start, google did not give value to the harmful links. Search engines simply ignore them and did not pass the page value to the linked page. At that time, the negative SEO was not exiting. Whenever google found some link spam and dangerous for the site, it doesn’t disturb the site rank and SEO.
          But, In 2012, google updates its algorithm and announce that from now the spam backlinks will affect the site ranking. At that time negative SEO came into being. People use this update against their competitors to harm their sites.

          Different aspects and the way to do negative SEO are the following:

Scraping Content Of Site:

            The attacker may steal content from your website and post it on many other places. This can be done using link forms. They simply scrape your content and post it on the interconnected sites.

            Now many websites have a single piece of content. In this case, google’s algorithm can identify the real and original source of content. But there are also might chances that the search engine crawls the copies content first. In this situation, your website will accept copyright strikes. That harms the reputation of the website. This is the scraping of content also called scraper.

Prevent your content from scraping:

        When the attacker copies and posts your content on many other low standard websites. There are might chances that your website de-rank. First of all, you need to examine and keep checking that is there any other copy of your content is present. To do this there are many tools present on the internet like Copyscapecopyleaks. You need to just put the URL of the page. These tools tell you if any other copy of your page is available. You can also use the tool Awario that will monitor your website and other accounts continuously. 

       If you find any content scraping attack or the copies of your content exists on the internet. You need to tell the webmaster to remove them. You can use Google’s platform to report such content using copyright removal. 

Interconnected sites Links Farms:

       Link farms include several websites that are interconnected to each other. These websites are created exactly for creating back-links. Each page of the website is attached to the other page of another website. As a result, the rank of all the joint websites enhances. Initially, it was included in grey-hat SEO. But, after 2012 it was included in black-hat SEO and also opens doors for Negative SEO.
       People start using link farms against their competitors. They use the same anchor text and put many backlinks on gutter websites. This disturbs the repetition of the victim’s website.

      So, people use these interconnected sites against your website. 

How to Prevent

      Preventing our website from negative SEO is not that simple. You need to check your website performance and backlinks growth regularly. To check the performance of backlinks you can use many tools such as SEO spyglass. If you notice any unusual change in backlinks. Then you consider it an attack of negative SEO. All you need to check the performance of the sites regularly. 

   For example, you found unusual backlinks coming to your site. Disavow or blacklist these links instantly.

Giving Fake Reviews:

          The first thing that a competitor might be possible to do is giving fake and bad reviews to your website or business. It not only demotivate and misunderstood search engines but also lost the trust of people. Posting fake reviews in jealousy is a very easy and harmful act, that is why attackers choose this to do first. To remove fake reviews and preventing from wrong comments and feedbacks is not a big deal.

Removing Fake reviews:

         Fake reviews are not only bad for google to rank your website but also bad for user experience and traffic. You need to check your site again and again in Google My Business. Keep checking your site’s reviews and feedbacks. If you find some reviews are not true user experience. Or someone is continuously trying to de-rank your business. You need to go to google maps. Here identify your business and mark flag these false reviews. This will remove fake reviews as soon as possible.

Increasing Load On Server:

          Your competitor may try to forcefully crawl your site by some means. It will slow down your website. The load on the server becomes worst. This will affect the loading time of your website. If the site load time is more than 3 or 4 seconds, it will become worst for search engines to rank your site and also for the user to wait. In this case, google penalty your website for slow loading. Speed is one main SEO factor that has much importance for search engines. 

How to prevent:

       You need to continuously check your website’s speed. Try to make your website fast and secure. If you notice an instant slow down of the website’s speed. You should contact your hosting company for the issue. If someone is trying to increase the load on your server, block them using .htaccess and robot.txt file. Through .htaccess and robot.txt files, you can block or ban unauthorized ways to access your site. 


Unauthorized Clicks:

Clicks on images, pages, posts, and Ads are very much important for the business. An image that has a high click-through rate CRT is more valuable for our business. Similarly, if we try to click again and again from the same device or same IP address. Google’s algorithm is strong enough to identify this type of scammy links. This will de-rank your website. 

  Same this can be done by some enemy, who clicked your link many times from the same device or same Ip address. The search engine considers it the wrong way to earn money fast and may remove your site from search engines.

How to Prevent:

You need to keep checking your site’s performance in Google’s Search Console. Here you can monitor the performance of your site in detail. Keep checking the number of click and CRT (click-through rate) on your links.

Hacking Of Website:

 The most dangerous technique to harm someone’s business is to hack their website. But this is a much difficult negative SEO technique to implement. After hacking your site, the hacker may do anything to harm you. He can remove your precious content and replace it with some dirty content. He may put harmful links on your site.


 You need to keep an eye on your website’s security. Keep checking your site’s performance using Links Assistant. Improve your Url’s Quality because it affects your site’s SEO.


          In this article, I try my best to collect information about negative SEO techniques and Black-hat SEO. To become a complete SEO expert or to run a business digitally, you need to know all the bad tactics that someone may use to harm your reputation. Never try to implement these ways on someone’s business in jealousy. Such people never gain success in their lives. Keep an eye on your website’s performance by using google’s and many other tools. Do hard work and always choose the right approach to work. Keep trying You will be succeded. Leave your queries in the comments or contact Us.

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