What Is Numpy? Why We Should Learn Numpy The Python First Advance Library.

      Numpy is the most advanced library of python. It is also called numeric python because it can perform numeric operations more easily and more speedily. It has many facilities to perform numeric computing. Matrix addition, multiplication, and many other functions can be performed very easily in NumPy. Numpy was developed in 2005 by Travis Oliphant. 

    Why we study Numpy, or why it is necessary to learn NumPy for us? The reason is that all the advanced libraries of python of scientific computing or data science such as Pandas, Tensor Flow, or Matplotlib are dependant on Numpy. As we can say that it is a lingua franca between these scientific libraries, data science libraries, and Numpy. So, this is so important for us to study Numpy in detail. 



Introduction To Numpy:

        Numpy is the most advanced library of Python also called Numeric Python. It is a lingua franca for database languages. The base of Numpy is nd-array. All the data that is stored in the Numpy can be stored in the form of an n-dimensional array. The biggest advantage that Numpy can give us is the fast operations on the arrays. 

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